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Welcome![Ticpatlaz itzintiliz]

Welcome Ollein to the Nahuatl Wikipedia! I hope you have a great time here. We are a small but warm community so don't hesitate on calling for help if you need any.

On translation[Ticpatlaz itzintiliz]

First, it's best if you name your article in this way: Village, Provincename, thus to avoid disambiguation articles.
Then, you can use the city infobox to fulfill information about your village/city such as population, images, flag, etc. Here is the raw format for Mexico City with my explanation of each field in brackets (is in Spanish):

{{Coor title dm|19|36|N|98|57|O}} (coordinates, these are optional)

{{Āltepētl   (nahuatl for city)
| Tōcāitl       = Āltepētl Mēxihco (Name = the name in Nahuatl, don't worry here, it's used only on big cities, i.e. London -> Londin)
| Nombre Nativo = Ciudad de México (Native name = the native name, don't matter whether alphabet you use)
| Imagen        = Mexico DF City.jpg (Image = place a photo or panoramic of the city here)
| Imagen_mapa   = Mexico DF in Mexico.png (Map = place a map here)
| Tlācatiyān    = Mēxihco (Country = the plain name of the country, without links: [[ ]])
| Tlācatiyānf   = {{MEX}} (Country flag = the code of the country's template gives the country link and its flag)
| OccēTōcāitl   = Ciudad de los palacios (Nickname = the nickname of the village or city)
| división1     = [[Mēxihco Tēcuācān]] īhuān [[Tlahtohcāyōtl Mēxihco]] (Political division = the number gives the name of the division. This doesn't work perfect yet though)
| Chānehqueh    = 19 231 829 (population = number of people)
| ChānehXihuitl = 2005 (population year = the year of the cipher above)
| Área          = 1 547 (Area = in m2)
| Densidad      = 13 679.6 (Density)
| Āltepētzīntiliztli = [[Tlayēti 18]], [[1325]] (Foundation= the names of the months are below on the edit table and it must always follow this format: [[Month ##]], [[year]]
| ĀltepētzīntiliztliTōcāitl = [[Mēxihco Tenōchtitlān]] (Foundation name = the name given at the time of foundation)
| Gentilicio    = Āltepēmēxicatl, Āltepēmēxicah (Demonym = it's complicated to translate, leave it empty if you want)
| Elevación = 2235m (elevation = in m)
| UTC = [[UTC-6]] (Time zone)
| CP = 01000 - 16999 (postal code)
| CódigoTel = 55 (phone code)
Altepetl ipan {{{Tlacatiyan}}}
CP 01000 - 16999

That gives the table you see here.

You wrote this:

(townname) is a place in the the Netherlands. It's located in the province (provincename).

We use a similar format here for the text:

(townname) is its name, of a (placetype: city, village etc.) in (provincename), in (countryname, The Netherlands).

And is written as this:

(towname) ītōcā cē (placetype) īpan (province) īpan (country).

However, being Netherlands' translation in Nahuatl, Tlanitlālpan, which means "where land is low", there's no need to write "īpan" before, which means "that, in", "that, at" or "that, over".


(towname) ītōcā cē (placetype) īpan (province) Tlanitlālpan.

Nō xiquitta
(See also, you can place related articles here)

At the end always include the country's template, in the case of Netherlands is Plantilla:Tlanitlālpan but it does not exist yet.

Here are the words to replace the fields:

  • City - āltepētl, plural āltepēmeh
  • Village - āltepēmāitl, no plural
  • State - tlahtohcāyōtl, no plural although tlahtohcāyōmeh is sometimes used
  • Country - tlācatiyān
  • The Netherlands - Tlanitlālpan
  • Dutch language - Tlanitlālpantlahtōlli
  • The template for The Netherlands is Plantilla:NLD which gives this: Flag of the Netherlands.svg Tlanitlālpan

Hope this is helpful. Happy editing! :D--Fluence 00:58 8 Mahtlāc 2007 (UTC)

Quiíxde hánt Ollein iti[Ticpatlaz itzintiliz]

Czaxöde quiíxde hánt locadad Ollein iti. Visionalment jömdezo coccebj stubs. Plusöxde expandcion necoccebj bajlöxamimi. Pos-quiixom zo, me coccebj poop. He necoccebj choisimöx. PWRHouse 19:05 8 Mahtlāc 2007 (UTC)

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