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Niltze! Thanks for your opinion in Wikipedia:Tlatlahtoaloyan. Spelling may be a tough problem for this wikipedia. It's is true that the spelling "tl" misleads from the actual pronountiation but every language has got their own conventions. The spelling "ch", for example is differently pronounced in Italian [k] or Polish [x] and those utterings are quite misleading for, say, a Spanish speaking person. I don't think it is a real problem keeping the "tl" spelling (if most speakers agree on it, of course). One option could be using a kind of lambda (λ) like this: ʎ, which is the sign often used by many phoneticians to represent the sound. The main problem of using this spelling is its uncommonness, and it will not be properly shown by some software systems unless it is properly configured. Anyway, Nahuatl speakers can make their contributions using their own spellings, that could happen to be interesting in the future: a lot of pithy information can be encapsulated in and got from dialectal variations; and, after all,it adds richness to the whole. Should spelling be later agreed and dialectal spellings erased from the articles, the information would still be kept in each page's "History", patiently awaiting for any future study. You seem to be fluent in Nahuatl. Even if If you are, have you considered creating, or translating from other wikipedias, articles for this place? One of the main problems of the wikipedia in Nahuatl is the lack of fluent contributors. Even the minimal contribution in Nahuatl is likely to be regarded as encouraging for possible, future wikipedians having Nahuatl as their mother tongue. - Tochpapalotl (Piolinfax) 18:27, 6 Aug 2004 (UTC)

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