Franz Ferdinand (cuicatl)

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Inin tlahcuilōlli īnehuatia mochīntīn tlacuīcaliztli Franz Ferdinand cuīcatl. Auh nicpia Nāhuatlahtōlcuepaliztli ic Inglatlahtōlli.

Cēmani cuīcatl[xikpatla | xikpatla itsintlan]

B-side[xikpatla | xikpatla itsintlan]

  • "All For You, Sophia" (Mochi icteh, Sophia)
  • "Don't Start" (Xiahpēhua)
  • "Love And Destroy
  • "Sagen Heutch Natch Ja"
  • "Shopping For Blood"
  • "This Fffire"
  • "Wine In The Afternoon"
  • "Van Tango"

Franz Ferdinand[xikpatla | xikpatla itsintlan]

  • "40'"
  • "Auf Asche"
  • "Cheating On You"
  • "Come On Home"
  • "Jacqueline"
  • "Tell Her Tonight"

You Could Have It So Much Better... With Franz Ferdinand[xikpatla | xikpatla itsintlan]

  • "Evil And Heathen"
  • "Fade Away"
  • "I'm Your Villain"
  • "Outsiders"
  • "This Boy"
  • "Well That Was Easy"
  • "What You Meant"
  • "You Could Have It So Much Better"

Occēquintin cuīcatl[xikpatla | xikpatla itsintlan]